Prom Likhit Reusya [60 of 60Ep END]

Jessica: It's still a protest. How can she do this? Jessica, with her hands full of bouts, will sit on the bed to explain to her mother, who is still angry and will not listen to her anyway. She was born into a millionaire, but grew up in a democratic American country. Sex with a man is never banned, and it's the simplest thing for teenagers who are enjoying such a thing. Any friend of hers has boyfriends or fewer than a few men before attending college. Only her did not go through the love affair, because she had a brother named Jessen. She is considered as a child who can not grow up until no good men come near or come to her since she was young until she finished college. - Jessie: Mama! What do you talk about? As a woman having no bed with a man? - Jessica: You ... you ... soon get dressed! Then go to mom's room. Jessica turned her head and made her a little bit sick. He never saw him angry at this level before. Betten pulled off the Jessie, got up from the bed, showed her a glimpse of the strap, with only a small bra and short pants to the eyes. She is not too shy. Steady is seemingly different. She had only seen her as a little girl before. Although she often dresses sexy, she never sees her body almost naked. The groom turned his eyes out of the eye, and he got up from his bed to get his clothes ready to wear. Jessie walked up and down, gazing at T-shirts and shorts, without realizing that anyone was there. She looks back at her. - Jessie: You know that we are together in the same bed? Strike with his hand rolling and shaking. - Stefan: Do not know. But I'm sure you did not do it? Jasmine nods. - Jessie: I think we have nothing to do with each other, my body is nothing strange. If so, I definitely know it because it's ... She stopped saying the following. Why would she have to tell her that it was her first time when they and her are not the same? Jessie walked into the washroom and came back and sat down. Straff goes into the same washing and walks out. - Chetrat: We should hurry to meet Jessie and tell her to wait long. -Jessie: Mother, it's strange. Just like that, it's as big as that. Girls take thick to help to comb a little bit. She bent her cheeks to make her hair cut. Get ready, they both come out to the ruby room together. There, Antony and Anthony were seen standing in their eyes. Keeping face steady does not fit well. Niall shook his head and looked at his eldest son. - Nilara: How to play a good footballer? - Steve: Yes, Ma. In fact, it's a misunderstanding. Jessica and I are not the same. We were just in bed together but did not touch each other. Jiaxing made his mark on the track. Jessica: Do not suppose you're a man. Do this, then talk about yourself. Jessie hurried her mouth. -Jessica: Brother Trit says the truth, Mom. We do not really have any friends. Antonia looks at her daughter's eyes, thinking she believes her daughter's words. According to her daughter, she is not a liar. And she did not fear what she was doing. If she does, she is not afraid to tell the truth. Superior CEO of UniCam Airway, the oldest person in the room, quietly said no. Do not know how to blame the son or how happy the son is to do this with the woman she wants to become a son-in-law? However, Grandmother and Jessica also had to think of romance. If both of them were in love, this little girl became a son-in-law, in accordance with the long-held thinking. There is nothing wrong with it. Jessica: You're both big. If we really love, we will not stop, but soon we will get married. Hear this phrase, jet eyes, eye pouches. - Jessie: Yeah? Marry? Can not ... No, no ... Mother, do not joke. I was only twenty-one years old. No, do not get married. Also, how can I not love you to marry him? I do not mind. The mother of Chetra did not keep silent and tried to comfort her. He also loves the little girl. Even though she was a little girl, she was kind, honest, and honest. - Nila: niece! Do you like to do this and do not want to be responsible? Jessica looks at the old woman, but she does not look good to the old woman.