Prom Likhit Reusya [25 of 60Ep END]

The bride looking at the boy can also guess that he is high because of having two children on her side with fearful gesture so she bowed and handsome to the gentleman.   He asked for his secretary.   - Heth: Who is she? - Secretary: Her name is Chada, sister of Kiri, who owes us a lot of money.   Want to know the story. She can guess what she's been here for. - Hata: Call this girl in my room. A look at the face of Chada is thought to be the mind of the handsome boss soon to realize that this very tall boy is thinking. The handsome face but do not like smiling to enter the office. Chada did not dare to come in until the secretary had told her to open the door.   Look at this woman from head to toe. She is tall, slender, white, smooth, shaped, beautiful, well-groomed. She called for her to sit in her chair. - Hata: Sit down! - Chad: Yes, thanks.   And they put themselves in the chair next to her. The closer she looked, the better she thought she was.   - Tatha: She came because of her brother's debt? - Chalda: Yes, can you delay a little? Or can I ask for some interest?   Boys looking at female commanding ladies from the head to the end of the foot may not be embarrassed. - Tatha: It has such a beautiful sister, long ago? Fresh girls are more likely to listen to their words than to ask. - Chada: What do you say? Chada, who previously did a gentle gesture, but only when touching the eyes of a man looking at her strangely makes her feel a bit slight. Handshake holding hands together and with two fingers holding their chin, ask a hard question to chada. - Hata: She wants to pay? - Chad: Euro is that ...   How much is this owed? Chadaraja did not know what to say.   - Chad: Euro ... Remember the end of the month? I will pay my salary for some money.   A new CEO smiles in the way.   - Hatha: What are you doing? How much? - Chad: I work for UniCam. Salary ...   Hear the salary and the tattoo smirked her more.   - Half: The salary is not enough, even for a few months of unpaid interest. - Tatha: She knows her brother owes me a lot? - Chada: I know.   She's gripped in her heart. - Chad: But they do not intend to be fooled by their friends. They sign their team. Her reasoning did not penetrate the heart, grooming her softly. - Tatha: It's the story of her brother, who is ignorant of my friend, is not involved with me.   Chada Sung Rin shone in tears. - Chada: Their friend has already escaped. The boyfriend still keeps his face simple and does not show any sympathy for the bride. Your words are so stupid and dreadful.   - Hatha: That's why her brother is responsible for this. - Chad: Can you ... Could you give me some time? I will find a part-time job to pay my interest regularly.   The groom steals her further, pulling her into a way out of the way.   - Tatha: No, I give them four to five months and they never pay interest. I have to be brought to court for fraud. Hear the silent words of the court of Cedar before they plead. - Chad: Ah! If you do, my brother will be imprisoned.