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This is the story of a girl who is fated from birth to the name Acacia with a pedigree robbers in her place among the rejects of origin because blood robbers existing and error inadvertently. Moreover, in addition to her biological mother is disgusted by it. It also contains various contempt from those around her as the thief. However, fortunately, even if it occurs in an environment that lacks warmth and mother love. But Acacia receive mercy and who taught her to be a good person with a good idea, not malice others. When the tree grows, it is a girl with a beautiful exterior. With a sweet face and a gorgeous interior. All manner of neat And do not harm anyone It was always confident that we can choose to be. Even today, fully aware that she was a thief pedigree beef own blood. However, the beauty of the body and mind to Acacia engaging handsome young man. A noble title. Acacia is just an ordinary woman only. But then with the impression made on the two fall in love. But the fact that I still feel fear Acacia deep and has not said a young man who was loved in her heart. It is a descendant of the robbers, who were not accepted. The story will be next to watch. Bleeding Love Channel snobbish three soon.