20 Episodes


Hearing the name of his old friend, the handsome young man acted as if he were the little girl she knew. - Jessie: I'm sister of Thida Yenna. I've seen you go to Anita's wedding on the islands. Pretty boys make a face like drunk. At the wedding of Anita he seems to have seen this little girl. Dont have any faces. Thida's brother? Yes, she was once pointed. But on that day, Josef was dressed clean, his hair was tied up to show more maturity. At that time, Hatta was staring at the beauty of this beautiful girl for a few minutes. Today, she comes dressed as a little girl, short sleeve, shorts, waist skirts with Patto shoes. Looks better as a kid in high school than a beautiful woman like a goddess of heaven seen the day before. - Tomorrow: Remember. The little girl smiled radically to reveal a natural beauty to the boy. Tanta thought that human makeup really had a special effect. It can make one person unique in two different shades. One can see mature as an adult female. The other one is seen as an under-aged baby.   -Jessica: My name is Jessica. My name? - Hatha: My name is Hatha. Do not remember my name? - Jessie: You have to remember your handsome name. Thida has told but forgot. She laughed as if she were in peace. Hatha does not have much to say. And not much to smile. The girl, who had just met a few minutes, stood in awe and smiled, put him in a pretty smile. The elevator heard the sound of the downstairs. The door opened and they both went out. Incidentally, they had to come to a cafe near the condo. Pre-ordered, Jessie checks her wallet so she does not put a small bag. She turned to look at the man standing behind her and smiled sweetly. - Jessie: Sorry, honey. Borrow money, can not you? The guy smiled. Only cafes and cakes are the guys for the pretty girls, there is no need too. - Tentative: Yes. Half of the caffeine and its cakes, and they are charged together with the juice. After charging, Jessie shakes her hand, calling them from a table near the mirror. The boy never thought that he would be sitting close to the girl who did not seem to have such a good life. But he was lazy, wrestled, defended, holding coffee and cakes to the table with her. They were seated, they smiled and thanked him. - Jessie: Lucky to meet you. Do not be ashamed of their money. Haha A cravings for a caffeine smells and smiles equally to her. It is no wonder that she is not ashamed to borrow money in this time, which is not a close friend. But look at her, smiling as if there was no annoyance to sit down with a bachelor, just like him. - Jessie: You work, right? - Hint: Yes. Do not you go to school? - Missess: School in Westminster. One more month. - Tata: Yeah? How old is the grade? Hear this question, Jerry laughing. Who is she thinking she's at? High School? - Jessie: Re-enter the fourth year of college. - Hata: Oh! - Jessie: Do you think I'm a kid? Smiling. She's got a wife. Assuming young children. The little girl smiled showing her cheeks smooth. But her cute smile makes the heart of the young man unconsciously swinging unconsciously. She is pretty. She thinks her hybrid looks makes her particularly attractive. - Jessie: Has Brother Hatha been in this condo for a long time? - Hint: Yes. Why is Jessica coming to condo? Do not have a big house? - Jessie: Mom forced her to come.   Then Fresh recounted the story of her mother forced her to stay with the man since the incident on the island of the heart until it came to stay in a single-use condominium. She was as sad as she forced her to come down. Listen to this story and enjoy the trick with your mother's trick. It is clear that mature men are intent on compelling a couple to love each other. But she's more ridiculous about the story she describes as the movie, and she is a pretty girl who is being abused.     - Jessie: You even think of jokes, is not it? Adapted head. - Hats: The story of Jessie, taken for a good movie. Young people like it like this. - Jessie: There's only this one. My life is real, not film. She raises a cup of coffee, cries, and continues to speak as if she has no mouth. -Jessica: Brother Tritra and I have known each other since childhood. We do not love each other. And for me, he's just a brother, like Steven Chen. Let me love him, marry him, marry him as a husband. Just think, too. She speaks and cares. Tata knew that this little girl did not lie to her, uttering anything from her heart. - Jessica! Someones call the bride's name. Hands and hips look at the sound source.

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