32 Episodes


Brother Chad! Brother help me! Chada turned to look at the boy and quickly turned his head around. ...............   At UniCam Airway ... Try to sit down the meeting with subordinates. At the end of the meeting, the staff started to leave, but only one of his closest colleagues, Sam. - Sam: boss! I do not know whether to tell the boss or not. - Stefan: What's up? - Sam: Our company has issued a ban on gambling.   Happy headaches. This is the law that his father left after his suicide. He remembered the gambling that ruined his uncle's life and that of the entire Thida family. - Chetrat: Who are we gaming staff? Sam: Not at all. But Chada's younger brother goes to gambling so much. Chada! The name of the woman she met earlier this morning at a cafe.   - Chetrat: That brother is not our staff. - Sam: Yesterday, the creditors came to the company for the loss of her brother. - Chetrat: Are they dare to come and steal our company? Where are they? - Sam: Yes, of course ...   Zip Code displaying many photos to tracery. Many are afraid of the family power of Lee. Who is so darling? Dare to come to collect their debt to their company. It's like tricking the family too much.   - Stefan: I know this one. - Sam: They are just as new CEO of Grand Paradise.   Chetra looks at the photo of a newly-found CEO, shortly after. - Chetra: Do not be naive! They have risen to become a business partner with us. Stay quiet! Remember, I handle myself. Strictly re-take the photograph, then look again on the table and continue looking for work to continue today.   - Chetra: Call Vuth come to me. - Secretary: Yes.   Secretariat's secretary has two. One is male and one female. In short, her secretary has the role of male secretary. The job of Secretariat is a lot of work because Traktore does not have more work in the airline, it is responsible for the other companies whose parents have a large stake. Stamp does not want to have a personal secretary, because sometimes he has to go to work and sometimes even go to work late at night, and he thinks girls do not deserve their own secretary. They choose a man with a high degree of intelligence, a work ethic, and a quick fix to solve the workload. But their personal secretary also needs an assistant to manage jobs in the airline, and then pick another girl, Danny, as the secretary of the company. In Condos ... The body prepared to go out and look outside the table and walk to open a freezer. She spills the air. Ever at home, got up early in the morning, the left hand waiter cooked up the table. But now, even a piece of bread is not there. Teachers !!! The noise bothers the girl. She held her hand holding her stomach so the stomach was moving too much. Jessie: It's very hungry. There is no coffee. Mom, mom, if you have to come home, do not let them buy something to keep me from eating.   She walked out of the condo, closed her locker door, and ran to the elevator that was about to leave her.   - Jessie: stop !! I go.   Jessica leaned against the elevator door, which was closing. A handsome, handsome, dressed-up man also has a coat of arms over him. They look at her a little bit, and stand as if she does not care about this little girl. But Jessica is a friendly boy. She thinks she is staying with a condominium with her so she looks like a neighbor. - Jessie: Hi! My name is Josece recently moved to condo.   The tall, male-looking man looking at the young lady, wearing short jeans, with a loose white t-shirt, smiling brushing his white teeth.   They just do not speak nod their heads, and they look up and ignore. - Jessie: Ah !!! The shocking sound of the bride makes her a little awake. - Jessie: I've seen you. Are you a friend of Brother Thida and Brother?